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Having served 31 years, the six-term senior Arizona senator agreed to participate in a documentary shortly after being diagnosed with brain cancer, providing unprecedented access to his daily life in Washington, D.C. and Sedona, Arizona. This sweeping account combines the senator's own voice, culled from original interviews, commentary and speeches, with archival newsreel and television footage and previously unseen home movies and photographs. The film also features interviews with family, friends, colleagues and leading political figures.

Senator McCain’s recent battle with brain cancer underscores his fighting spirit and resilience as he continues to crusade for the causes he believes in, despite advancing health issues and daunting odds. What emerges is a portrait of an American maverick who has kept his eye on the most important American goals.



Opening to John McCain: For Whom The Bell Tolls




The Anti-War Movement and Normalization of Relations with Vietnam



Getting into Politics


Presidential Run


The Confederate Flag


The Healthcare Bill





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